Changes in RNIP program

December 3, 2020


Recent changes in RNIP program for Vernon-North Okanagan BC making it easier for candidates to get selected

Starting from December 1, the Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot (RNIP) for Vernon-North Okanagan is easing some conditions to allow employers to hire more employees.

The RNIP pilot opened in February 2020 has received 21 applications, out of which 19 were accepted. 

The RNIP program for Vernon-North Okanagan started with traditional criteria to assure that the community can manage potential demand and is now easing some conditions to allow the community’s local economy to grow.

List of the changes in RNIP program

  • The minimum wage decreased to $23 from $25 per hour is the most important change, as this will help employers hire more employees. Those working, studying, or living in the community for at least six months are excluded from these criteria as long as their current wage is between 18 and 22.99 dollars per hour. In the community’s point system, they score at least 30 points.
  • Candidates who worked and studied in the community will also get higher points as compared to the previous. Candidates who have studied in the community for at least two years in the last five years will receive 10 points, up from six. And Those with at least six months of work experience in the community will now receive 15 points, up from 10. 
  • Candidates will receive three points, up from two, for each adult immediate family member who lives in the community for at least six months. The number of points that a candidate can get from having immediate family members is now increased to nine from eight.
  • Claimants will now get up to 10 points for work experience outside the community, down from a maximum of 15 points. And those under 25 will receive three points instead of two as an age benefit.

More about Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot (RNIP)?

Canada’s federal government works with small and remote communities across Canada to attract and retain foreign workers. The government selected 11 communities to run a pilot. And Vernon-North Okanagan, British Columbia, is one of 11 communities currently participating in the pilot.

If you wish to be considered for the RNIP, you must meet certain federal requirements and requirements by the community you are interested in.

The federal requirements are related to a candidate’s work experience, education, job offer, language proficiency, and whether the candidate has sufficient funds to settle in the community.

If you are interested in obtaining permanent residence in Canada through the RNIP, Book an appointment with us to start!

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