Immigration Level Plans 2022-2024 bring a new ray of hope for 432,000 immigrants

February 15, 2022


Immigration minister Sean Fraser announced in his recent statement that Canada is now looking to welcome around 451,000 new immigrants by 2024.

The initial number was 411,000 newcomers but according to the new plans, over the next three years, Canada will be welcoming 431,645 permanent residents in 2022, 447,055 in 2023, and 451,000 in the year 2024. These changes are necessary for the country as they will help in attracting skilled workers, tackle labour shortages as well as fulfill the country’s international obligations.

2022 will see 56% of new immigrants arriving via the Economic Class pathway that comprises the Express Entry, Provincial Nominee Program, and TR2PR streams. Provincial Nominee Program will be the main focal point for Economic Class immigrants as it would help 83,500 newcomers.

The three-level plan suggests that the IRCC has temporarily reduced the Express Entry admissions intake to accommodate people in the TR2PR pathway. This pathway will see an intake of 40,000 immigrants in 2022 and 32,000 by 2023. At the moment, Express Entry draws are being conducted on a biweekly basis.

In 2022, 24% of the admissions target will be the Family Class and around 80,000 admissions will be granted to the Spouses, Partners, and Children Program, whereas 25,000 admissions will be reserved for the Parents and Grandparents Program. Compared to last year there has been a 5% increase in the Refugee and humanitarian Program applicants and the country looks forward to resettling 40,000 Afghan refugees in the coming years.

The immigration plans announced today were the first Immigration Levels Plan since October 2020 and according to the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act, the government announces new plans each year on November 1st. Since no plans were announced in 2021 due to the September federal elections, the second Immigration Levels Plan is due on November 1st, 2022, barring the unlikely Scenario of Canadian elections yet again.

These Immigration levels plans play a crucial role as they guide the country’s immigration system. They provide an overview of the number of immigrants welcomed via the different streams and through the various federal, provincial, and territorial programs present.

Until 2015, Canada welcomed around 250,000 immigrants per year, and it was increased to 300,000 in 2016. This trend was changed in 2020 post-pandemic to support the post-Covid recovery and the government increased the target to 400,000 immigrants.

Last year, 2021 saw the highest record so far as 405,000 new permanent residents were granted permits. If you wish to make your Canadian dream, come true and believe you have what it takes to be a permanent resident in this wonderful country full of hope and happiness, reach out to us today!

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