Alberta Immigration: launching two new pathways

October 27, 2020


Alberta Immigration now has two new PNP options to immigrate to Canada for International graduates from Alberta post-secondary’s. 

Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program (AINP) aims to start two new immigration pathways to promote international graduates to start enterprises in Alberta to generate new jobs and diversify the economy.

The new PNP- International Graduate Entrepreneur Immigration Stream is for recent international student graduates from Alberta post-secondary’s. This PNP is starting on October 26. 

The new immigration stream functions on an Expression of Interest system, which is now open to applications.

With the AINP and given points, candidates who present an Expression of Interest will be evaluated. The highest-ranking applicants will receive an invitation to submit a Business Application. Only candidates who receive the invitation, or Request, to apply will access the AINP portal and start the process. Receiving a Request is not a guarantee that candidates will get Canadian permanent residence.

Alberta Immigration: Business opportunities.
Alberta Immigration: Business Options

Eligibility criteria for the International Graduate Entrepreneur Immigration Stream

  • International student alumni from Alberta university and colleges must meet the International Graduate Entrepreneur Immigration Stream’s eligibility criteria.
  • They must be immigrating to Alberta to build a new business or buy an existing business and have at least 34 percent possession of the company. 
  • Candidates need at least six months of full-time job experience, which can be a blend of actively managing or owning the business. An equivalent amount of experience with a business incubator, business accelerator, or entrepreneurship program courses will also be considered. 
  • Candidates also need at least two years of full-time education in Alberta, with a degree or diploma from Alberta’s designated post-secondary institution

Suitable candidates also need a minimum Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) seven in all proficiencies in either English or French.

The business should benefit Alberta through job creation, investment, and developed intellectual property, among others. Candidates ages 21 to 49 years old may have an advantage.

If the candidate or spouse or common-law partner has immediate family living full-time in Alberta, it will also increase their chances.

Spouses or common-law partners may contribute to a candidate’s application if they have at least one year of full-time work experience in Alberta or at least two years of full-time study at an Albertan post-secondary.

To apply, Schedule a free consultation session with us.

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