Scholarships for Canadian Universities

December 16, 2020


Canada is a favorable destination for study among international students. Each year, students apply for a visa to study in Canada in large numbers. The scholarships that are offered by the colleges and universities in Canada to international students constitute one of the primary reasons for it. Read on to learn about the scholarships for Canadian Universities.

Besides how well they meet the eligibility criteria, international students are also entitled to bursaries and grants at the government level. Private and public establishments also play a vital role. These options make things simple and easy for international students to bear their educational expenses in Canada.

If you wish to apply for a scholarship, you need to know about its eligibility criteria and closing dates.

Scholarships for Canadian Universities:

As a coveted study destination, Canada offers an adequate choice of scholarships for international students. In broad terms, they are further divided into the following categories:

●      Government Scholarships in Canada: The Government of Canada offers these scholarships to students to motivate international students for higher studies in the country. 

●      Non-Government Scholarships in Canada: Some non-governmental institutions in Canada offer these scholarships to encourage international students to pursue degree courses in specific fields in Canada.

●      Institution Scholarships in Canada: A college or university in Canada also offers this form of a scholarship to international students who pursue a specific course in it.

For the sake of convenience, you can classify them under international undergraduate scholarships and international graduate scholarships in Canada.

If you wish to apply for one of the above scholarship options to study and live in Canada, you must know about the eligibility criteria for it. Read on to find out more about it.

Scholarships for Canadian Universities

Scholarships for international students in Canada: how to search for it

For an international student in Canada, it is best to look for funding options at home. In case it is not available, they can think about government scholarship or non-government scholarship programs in Canada.

No matter whichever option you choose, you must adopt a step-by-step approach to find out steps and implement them to succeed in applying for a scholarship program. This will be your best bet to avail your preferred option and reap its benefits.

The steps given below will help you accomplish the task of identifying the right scholarship option depending on your eligibility. 

● Try searching for as many options as you can. Do your research for all of the aforementioned scholarship options (governmental, non-governmental, and institutional scholarships).

● If you wish to apply for an international student scholarship program offered by a college or university, communicate with the concerned authorities to find out the closing date and the other requirements.

● Gather all the other essential details to successfully apply for your preferred scholarship program. Do not hesitate to reach out to counselors for professional help or assistance.

● Ensure you submit your application by adhering to the deadline for it. The failure to do so would lead to the rejection of your application.

● Make certain you get the requisite scores for eligibility in the tests to study in Canada.

Eligibility criteria for the international students to apply for a scholarship in Canada

Many international students make their way to live and work in Canada after completing their studies through scholarship programs. If you wish to be one of them, you must meet the criteria to be eligible for scholarship programs.

As regards the requirements, they are likely to vary. Despite the existing variations, certain aspects are the same for all the scholarship programs. These are as follows:

●      Academic scores: The Government of Canada and the non-governmental and educational institutions in the country consider the merit of a student while offering scholarships. You must make it to the merit list to present your candidature for the existing scholarship programs. Achieving the requisite academic scores will put you in the driving seat.

●      Language proficiency: The medium of education in Canada is English. As it is a second or non-native language in most countries across the globe, international students need to take IELTS/TOEFL tests. The resulting scores in it not only provides a benchmark for admission as well as scholarships for international students.

●      Participation in extracurricular activities: In some streams, volunteering in extracurricular activities is mandatory for international students for their eligibility for scholarship programs. Extracurricular activities will add more weight to your application for a scholarship for social work or any allied stream.

Governmental Scholarships programs for international students in Canada

Name of the ScholarshipBenefitsDuration/number of scholarshipsEligibilityDeadline
Canada – ASEAN SEEDC$5,000 for visa and fight, C$10,000 for the study program, and C$1600 as a weekly allowanceCannot be renewedCandidates must be a mid-career professional and a citizen of one of the ASEAN countriesClosed
Partnership Grants – Social Science and Humanities Research Council in CanadaC$20,0004-7 yearsClosed
IDRC Research AwardsSupport for travel and research up to C$ 15,000Student’s pursuing a master’s or Ph.D. program from developing countriesSeptember 16, 2020
Banting Postdoctoral FellowshipC$70,00070 fellowships/2 years(cannot be renewed)For eligibility, the candidate should either take admission in a research PG program or take admission for natural and social scienceOctober 1, 2020
Vanier Graduate ScholarshipsC$50,000166 scholarships each year for 3 yearsApplicants must be qualified in the research fieldNovember 3, 2020
Post-Doctoral Fellowship in Canadian StudiesUp to C$ 10,000 for airfare and C$ 2,5000 per monthNon-renewableCandidates who complete their thesis but do not get employment and stay between 1 and 3 months are eligible for this scholarshipNovember 24, 2020
Ontario Trillium ScholarshipC$40,00075 scholarships/ 4 years (can be renewed)Students must take up a Ph.D. program in Ontario

Besides, there are also some other government scholarship programs for international students. These include Ontario Graduate Scholarships, the Quebec Provincial Government Scholarship, and the Canadian Commonwealth Scholarship and Fellowship.

Canadian non-governmental scholarships for international students 

Besides the Government of Canada, some non-governmental institutions also offer scholarships to international students following their Canada immigration. These include the following:

● Anne Vallee Ecological Fund

● Canada Memorial Scholarship

● Trudeau Scholarships and Fellowships

Institution-based scholarship for international students in Canada

Apart from the government and non-governmental institutions, educational institutions in Canada also offer scholarship programs to encourage students to pursue their academic goals for higher studies. You can find out about scholarship programs for international students from different universities based on the one in which you enroll for a degree course.

Final thoughts

Scholarships for international students make immigration to Canada for studies a lucrative option for them. The cost of education in the North American country is higher than in many other countries across the globe. Scholarship programs help foreign students to overcome the challenge of the cost factor and manage their educational expenses.

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