Initial Assessment

Please complete the following questionnaire in order for us to better serve your needs and assess the chances for successful immigration to Canada

Canadian Pre-Immigration Questionnaire

Please indicate one of the following

Is the divorce legal and final?

Did you take any of the following official language test ?

Please indicate your level of English ability / proficiency

Please indicate your level of French ability / proficiency

Do you or any of the family members you plan to include in this application have any medical conditions or chronic illnesses ?

Do you have any family in Canada

Have you ever resided outside your country of citizenship for 12 months or more?

Have your spouse / partner ever resided outside your country of citizenship for 12 months or more?

Do you have a child or children. This includes all children whether living with you or not, and, legally in your guardianship or not.

Is any of your dependent child not immigrating with you ?

The following questions applies to both you and accompanying family members. Please select I understand to continue.

Are there any criminal or civil proceedings pending against you – or have you ever been convicted of a criminal offence – in any country?

Been refused a visa or entry to any country?

Applied for any type of visa to Canada and been refused?

Been detained, jailed, or imprisoned in any country?

Been deported from any country ?

Under investigation in any country?

Have you ever studied or worked in Canada ?


14 + 2 =

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