1. Discover

The first meeting with our valuable client helps us in discovering his/her aim and objective. This first phase gives us insight into the kind of services our client seeks.

3. Document Analysis

The third phase is about mutual consent, an agreement will be signed with the client for providing our services officially by taking up the matter further for authorized evaluation and further guidance.

2 .Evaluation and Verification

The second phase is the critical one where our expertise, skill, and knowledge will be applicable.  The client’s credentials will be evaluated and verified at our end; inputs on any further documentation if required would be provided. Integrity is maintained to the optimal level.

4. Document Submission

The final phase is the submission of all the documents of our client to CIC or any concerned visa office once all the necessary updated documents are validated and evaluated at our end. The follow up of the case with the CIC/visa office will be documented and notified to our client via phone or e-mail.

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